Hey Y'all!!

My name is Laura and thank you for stopping by my website/blog! I am super excited to meet you and share all of my travels and tips with you! I have such a passion for travel, hiking, adventuring and anything that involves exploring this beautiful world and its wonders.

I live in NC with my husband (best friend from college #HU) and our fiesty little 4.5 lb Chihuahua. During the week, I’m a Psychiatry Healthcare Manager for a private practice, which is super rewarding. And when the weekend comes you can find me sleeping in, hiking in the mountains, or binge-planning future trips! 

Fresh Cocoa shavings in Ecuador

What is this blog about you may ask?

  • Travel hacks, tips, and tricks
  • How my husband and I travel practically for free and how you can too!
  • What went wrong? Learn from our travel mistakes
  • Detailed destination travel itineraries
  • My life in NC with my husband and dogs
  • And my home chef recipes and love for food!

I am a TYPE A planner by nature and I love researching and discovering the BEST things to do and places to go when traveling. Hopefully my experiences can inspire you to go to these beautiful destinations and create your own memories….without all of the hard work 😉

Buckle up, ya’ll. You’re in for a bumpy adventure as I launch my first blog 🙂 Don’t be shy! Message me and let me know what you enjoy reading and things you’d like to see on the blog.

Happy Travels!

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